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LEO Friend Ashish sent me an email with his text and thoughs about LEO and Lionism and asked me to publish it on this website. Thank you very much for your text and I am glad you sent it to me!


“The Start or the voice of Lions with Leo together for the change”
Text by Leo Ashish Neupane (Nepal)

Today Lions with Leos; together for the change; Revolution
LIONS (Liberty, Intelligence Our Nations Safety)
LEO (Leadership Experience Opportunity)

Lions: – The role model of the society; ‘hero of the ‘community’.
Lions for community, for country for the establishment of civic society . Where I feel civic society stand for the individual person with humorous heart; with social ethic, manner and disciplined people who spend their invaluable time and contribution for the change to up grow the community and country for the better future.

“Where there is need there is Lions”. Today in context we all know about the lions as the person with the liberty; intelligence for nation’s safety ‘the guards of nation’. Which we have proved in the epic time; earthquake disaster by different unlimited activities and every needy hours in the community and country because “we serve”.

Doing silently but genuinely“exactly which suits the lion’s service. Lions are the key role leaders of the community who sacrifice their time; contribution for the community to up grow the community and nations. Lions always have been following “Help in Need Is Help in Deed” . Lions are the iconic personality of community who search for the needy people and help them. Lions are always there for the needy people just as a shadow for helping them selflessly and wisely to serve.

For the Youths and Leos like us Lions are the leaders and inspiring model. We are the shadows of them. Staying under the same roof as a shadow, we get inspired to be like them to be “lion” and ready to serve. ”Volunteerism is equals to internship” the revolutionary change is exactly the movement which lions have made it possible.

“Volunteerism is not only the backbone of civil society organizations and social and political movements, but also of many health, education, housing and environmental programmes and a range of other civil society, public and private sector programmes world- wide. It is an integral part of every society. ” Source; – Google

For me Volunteerism in lions as Leo is the great platform to utilize my time grabbing different experience in diverse community sharing the emotions and feeling to help each other ‘mankind’ selflessly. A platform where the individual discuss ideas for innovation and revolution change for the mankind.

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As a Leo, it taught us the learn organization structure how it work and how to work. Positive thought, self –confidence, manner, respect, wise and conscious mind to share happiness and to help each other, hope, ethics, , diverse community culture and civilization, different workshop and training, innovative ideas, self satisfaction, public speaking, peace of mind, sound sleep, friends for the fellowship, and lots more which I have gain as “leo” as “volunteer” in lions family.

As Leo is the project under lions with service to volunteer in lions projects. It’s the great platform for the youth to know the community; to be inspired as person knowing the social ethic, manner and the responsibility towards the community and nations like Lions (under one umbrella).

Leos as youth Engagement for the civic minded society formation. A platform for the contribution to the society and country staying under the same roof with lions.


One of the best part of being Leo. The right way to contribute the leisure time to make it invaluable time with enhancing the leadership and different experience and grabbing the opportunity and being ready for the service. Learning; Enhancing and garbing the opportunity with different ideas; innovative mind; the fellowship within Leos and non Leos being focus on study and career for the change and revolution. “When the passion meets with the profession it turns into masterpiece” “Doing Silently but genuinely“ with the strong determinant “ I m master of my fate and caption of my soul“ . For the change; revolution with the idea through discussion to bring change “Innovation through Imagination”.

“You will not get what you wish for, you will get what you work for”

Today I m proud of being the shadows of the Lions as Leo.


These period and days within leo being leo , my personal experience in the epic hard time; Earthquake, we all were united and contributed the effort we can in that hard hrs. Being Leo i was able to help and contribute knowing the things one after another with Leos . We helped to build school in different places where needed in priority , distributed materials and did many more contribution without being in dilemma .I was able to be in action rather than in dilemma with LEOS.



So I Am Proud To Be LEO and part of it .

I work for the existence but being children of lion as leo it gives me sound sleep and peace of mind. All the memories are the one which motivates me for the positivity and reminds me of my responsibility.

“We Serve”


Name : Leo Ashish Neupane
DOB : 2nd Falgun 2052
Citizenship : Nepalese
Profession : Student (IT, Computer Engineering), Executive Director “Green Apple” Software Company, IT Technical Head ‘BMW” Educational Consultancy
Mobile No : 9851167581,9845127230
Home Club: Leo Club of Kathmandu; Doab
Charter President

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