About this project


On 400 pages I show community service of young people, whom I was able to accompany during my travels in 25 countries over the last three years. From the beginning, the quality of the photos was at the forefront. I wanted to keep the commitment with the utmost attention to detail.

According to the motto “We serve“, I focused on the documentation of projects organized by the members of the clubs during my visit. The aim was to portray the different approaches and ways of “serving” and to compare the similarities and differences in a book.

During the past few years, I have organized all my travels with great care and with great effort in my free time and financed them in the most part. Above all the coordination of the visited clubs turned out to be a big challenge.

I will present the book at the Lions Clubs International Convention in Chicago in July 2017 and share my my experiences.

» If your pictures are not good enough, you were not close enough « – Robert Capa

I want to involve the reader into the happening and tell stories. It’s very important for me, not to show harm, but to show the moments of joy, happiness and thankfulness.

With this book I would like to motivate people to share their time with others and help them with this simple act.