Written by Othmar Fetz

Thinking about the amount of work makes it absolutely necessary to get an overview of what the project is about: LEO Clubs.

There is one mayor source about all LEO Clubs in the world, the lions international website. It’s great that one can find clubs in all countries, their addresses, their websites and their location on the map. But unfortunately there is no “show me all clubs at once” functionality.

Because I want to get an overview of all clubs and because I will write some comments on them, I registered the domain www.leo-clubs.net (which for now points to this weblog). On this page I’ll create a google map with all clubs located on it, will publish images and texts to clubs I have visited during my project.

So this will be the very first step through that project: getting an overview.

After this part is done, I’ll try to set up a good travelling strategy so I will be able to visit as many clubs as possible during the next 3 years.

Feel free to get in touch with me and ask me any questions about “The LEO Book”

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