Written by Rouchelle Dinglasan

By Rouchelle R. Dinglasan

Last December, my club, Dasmarinas II LEO Club, received a message from one of our colleagues in the district. They wanted us to make a joint project by providing a Christmas party for at least 200 kids, who were fire victims.

Back then, we only have about a hundred dollars (USD100) left in our funds for the rest of our LEO year. Because I know that it could bring some relief to the kids, as the president of our club, I said yes.

I do not want to touch our remaining funds so I thought of posting a shoutout in my Facebook page that would later be shared by my co-LEOs.

We received an overwhelming support from our friends, LION Members, and other individuals. The message spread and we got the money to fund the Christmas Party with the help of our friends from Makati Golden LEO Club.

I tried to do another Facebook-funded project, and it was another success.

We were targeting to have at least USD100 to provide slippers to some 200 public schoolchildren. They wore slippers to school as their parents can not afford to buy them shoes.

In less than a month, we have received almost double of our target amount. We gave away the slippers to the schoolchildren and we are planning to give the other 200 slippers to street children and disadvantaged kids in our community.

Again, we owe it to our family, friends, fellow LEOs, LION members and other individuals that heed the call of charity. Even overseas Filipino workers contributed in funding our project.

Having this enormous support that transcends online to offline, we will definitely continue this practice in our upcoming projects. Try that too and tell us about your experience.


Photos are shot by LEO Ven Burgos Dasco and LEO Krizzy Brillante

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