Written by Othmar Fetz

The background

I got to know Michelle because of a post I saw in my facebook timeline. The LEO club Assunta got a whole bunch of awards and because Michelle was president during this time, I asked her for an interview. We got in contact and have almost daily exchange of news via facebook. Thank you Michelle for answering the questions and looking forward to meeting you and your club soon!

Meet Michelle on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Michelle.Hee

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The Interview


What’s your name?

My given name is Michelle and my last name is Hee, Leos call me Mich.



What’s your LEO Club called and where is it situated. Who’s your sponsoring Lions-Club.

I am a Leo member of Leo Club of Assunta Secondary School situated in Selangor, Malaysia and my club is sponsored by the Lions Club of Petaling Jaya.


Tell me a little about your club (size, members, activities, how often you meet etc.)

My club is under District 308 B2 Region 5 and it’s a school-based Alpha club. We have roughly 150 members but not every member gets to be installed as a Leo. Members who are able to reach the club’s qualification during probation period get to be installed while those who don’t, they remain as normal club members. We have club meeting every alternate Friday after school ends. Our club focuses more on ground services like community and school services.


What’s your personal LEO history (which functions did you have)?

I was officially installed as a Leo in July, 2013 and was elected as the Club President for the fiscal year 2014-2015. I was awarded with the Top Leo President award and my club was also awarded as the Top Leo Club at 42nd Multiple District 308 Leo Forum 2015.


When and why did you become a LEO?

In my school, the Leo Club’s membership is only opened to Form 3, 4 and 5. I joined Leo in 2013, when I was Form 3, 15 years old. In my school, Leo is a very active and well-known club, I used to look at my seniors and get really envious because they have really cool badges on their uniform and the confidence they have when they walk with their court shoes. When I was 14, my dad came to pick my sister up after school and coincidentally Leo Installation was going on so he actually suggested me to join Leo. Besides, I was educated to do charity since I was young so my passion to be a Leo grew stronger after my seniors shared their experiences in Leo.


What’s the secret of your LEO club? Why did you archived so many awards? Tell me about the award-gala and how you and your clubmates felt when you got all that awards.

There weren’t any secret. Who wouldn’t want to receive Top awards, right? But if it has to be mentioned, I’d say that we served sincerely, not for the sake of awards. To be honest, I have no idea why were we awarded with the Top awards. The award-gala was held during the Banquet Night of 42nd MD 308 Leo Forum 2015. I was so nervous to a point that I didn’t have appetite to eat and I barely talked. When the emcee was announcing, I hid my face onto my friend’s lap because I didn’t dare to look. We went on stage to receive the awards with pride and feeling extremely grateful. I cried and hugged a lot of them because I was really thankful. Since most of my members and my advisors weren’t with us, I texted them and they were absolutely happy and proud. We are truly proud that we have managed to bring the club’s pride to a greater height. Still, we do not serve for the awards, to us, the awards are tokens of appreciation for our effort so we are mightily thankful.



What is the key to success? How do you keep motivating yourself and how do you handle the difficulties?

There’s no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs! I am willing to learn, every mistake and every failure is there to make me learn and be stronger. To me, being optimistic is the key to success. I believe everything happens for a reason. My phone was stolen on New Year’s Eve, I told myself at least it was stolen before a new year begins so all my bad luck had been brought away and I am starting my new year with good luck. Whenever a bad thing happens, I will always change my perspective and handle it with positivity. I always tell myself “keep going, you can do it!!!!!” because I have strong faith in myself. When I have too many things to handle, I will write them down in a list and settle one by one so that I don’t mess things up and to get a clearer summary. And when I’m nervous, I breath in & out, talk to myself and tell myself I can do it to calm myself down. Be confident, be humble and be kind.


What’s your message to other LEOs around the world?

Serve with a sincere heart. Never stop believing and keep spreading your hope and love to the less fortunate ones.


What was the most heartbreaking moment in your LEO career, which activity or event touched you most?

Back to 2013, we went to the National Zoo with the orphans. At first I didn’t have a partner, then my friend left his partner with me because he had to go somewhere. When he came back, his partner didn’t want to follow him anymore and kept following me around. He told me he wants to see the lions and he was so happy and excited when I brought him there. When we got on the bus, he told the caretaker and my friends that he wants to sit beside me. As we prepared some snacks for the kids, he collected a lot of candies and refused to share with the Leos. But when I jokingly asked for one, he gave it to me without any hesitation. He then fell asleep on my lap and I wished I could spend more time with the kids. It was heartwarming and I was deeply touched by the love I received from a kid that I’ve just met for a few hours. I guess one of the best things about Leo is, what you receive is always more than what you give.



Did LEO change your life and why do you think it was a good choice to invest time to LEO?

Leo surely did change my life. As I was the Club President, Leo became my priority and it played a big part in my life. However, I’ve never regretted because it has taught and helped me a lot in many ways. It is great to serve and make a small difference in the community and at the same time, improving myself and make a lot of new friends.


Will you become a Lion after your LEO-time?

I have never thought of this question because I am not even an Omega Leo yet.


Do you know about The LEO Book project and if yes, what do you think about it?

Yes, I do know about the project. I think it’s a splendid idea for Leos to broaden their horizon and a good platform for Leos to improve themselves.


As far as I remember, The LEO book will visit you one day – right? What do you expect from that visit as well as from presenting your club in the book?

Yes, The LEO Book is planning to visit my club in November or December 2015. I would really expect myself to learn something different from them and would love to involve them in my club’s activities and culture. It is an influential way to publicize my club and we wish to have more improvements through The LEO Book.


Imagine, there is an international Cyber Lions Club, which means, a club which is organized and run virtually and focuses on helping LEO Clubs as well as supporting LEOs around the world while they travel (e.g. helping them to get cheep hotels, find other LEOs who can host them etc.) – what do you think about that idea  and would you – theoretically – attend such club after your LEO career?

I honestly think that this is a very good idea and I have always wished and wanted to join a program like this. Leo gives us a great opportunity to travel around the world and make a difference all over the world despite the difference of race, language, culture and more. It also gives them an opportunity to share their experience, ideas and culture with the Leos from other countries. Thus, the International Cyber Lions Club can definitely help the Leos to ease their burden.


Board of Directors for the fiscal year 2014-2015.


District 308 B2, Region 5 Leo Clubs!


Blind Leading the Blind 2014 by Sponsoring Lions Club of Petaling Jay


Major project, Leo Earth Hour Walkathon 2015


New Year gift for school teachers.


Small gift to welcome the new students.


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