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Potter Kai Fong – LEO of the year 2013-14

Because The LEO Book is about stories and LEOs I started to get in contact with LEOs who achieved something special. By chance I saw the post of a LEO friend who was awarded by the LEO of the year 2013-14. So I got in contact with him and asked to answer some questions for The LEO Book.

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What’s your name?

My given name is Kai Fong and family name is Ka, in Lions family everyone call me “Potter Kai Fong”.


What’s your LEO Club called and where is it situated. Who’s your sponsoring Lions-Club.

My alpha Leo Club name is Leo Club of SMK Dato Syed Esa situated in Johore, southern Malaysia and sponsored by Lions Club of Batu Pahat whereas therafter when I further my studies I formed an Omega Leo Club namely IPG Kampus Perlis in Perlis where located in Northern Malaysia and is sponsored by Lions Club of Kangar.


Tell me a little about your club (size, members, activities, how often you meet etc.)

My Club is about 50 members and normally we did have annual installation ceremony where outstation club will come and visit us and besides, we do organise service activities such as spotlight on children, care for environment, and reading program.

Paint for Colourful Life


What’s your personal LEO history (which functions did you have)?

I personally be appointed as Organising Committee Chairperson for Multiple District 308 Leo Forum which marked the record of 1200 Leos and Lions participation. Besides, I had been invited by International President to serve as Town Hall Meeting Panelist and Summit Speaker in both Hamburg and Toronto International Convention.

Another LEO history I would like to share is I been awarded the International Leadership Medal in year 2012 by PIP Wing Kum Tam which first marked in history such medal awarded to Leo members and then the second leadership medal in year 2014.


When and why did you become a LEO?

I became a Leo since year 2002 and just because I love the orange colour Leo logo so much at that time.


Why did you get the LEO of the year award?

I was lucky enough to be nominated as Leo of the Year Award for fiscal year 2013-2014 due to my leadership as chairperson for Orient and Southeast Asia Leo Conference in year 2013 and involvement in promoting the Lions and Special Olympics Partnership among Malaysia’s Leo members.


What’s your message to other LEOs around the world?

Just do it. Day by days, years by years, times by times, we will be better. Too many people spend too much of time trying to perfect something before they actually do that. Instead of waiting for perfection, run with what you have, fic it along the way.


What was the most heartbreaking moment in your LEO career, which activity or event touched you most?

When I was invited to be a speaker in recent Leo Forum, I shared my stories with fellow Leo members with the theme “Be Better”, I discovered then many of them get inspired and try to be better. Thereafter, I realized how much can a youth contribute to change the world. Thereafter, I promised to myself to keep sharing and keep inspiring others within my capability.

95th Lions Clubs International Convention Busan


Did LEO change your life and why do you think it was a good choice to invest time to LEO?

Absolutely, I would sure invite my peers to join such wonderful organization. I changed from a quiet boy to sporting guy and I start to step out of my comfort zone to communicate and interact with others. Leo Club Program also improve my English level as well as Public Speaking skill.


Will you become a Lion after your LEO-time?

I am a Lion now and been inducted by International President Joe Preston in July 2014 during our District Governor Inauguration Ceremony.

Being awarded 2nd IP Leadership Medal by PIP Barry Palmer


Do you know about The LEO Book project and if yes, what do you think about it?

That is a very good initiative to showcase the role of Leo in Lions family and global community. Besides, it also able to inspire more and more Leo and youth out there to be the champion of their own life.


Is there something else you would like to tell a wide, international audience?

For me, Leo did change my life, without Leo, I won’t be who I am today and I won’t be able to so many countries and get to know so many awesome officers and friends around the world, be involved and you will felt it eventually.

Town Hall Meeting Panelist in Toronto Canada


Imagine, there is an international Cyber Lions Club, which means, a club which is organized and run virtually and focuses on helping LEO Clubs as well as supporting LEOs around the world while they travel (e.g. helping them to get cheep hotels, find other LEOs who can host them etc.) – what do you think about that idea  and would you – theoretically – attend such club after your LEO career?

That is a fantastic idea, a platform for Leos to communicate with each other whenever they would like to travel to anywhere, at the same time they can get to meet the Leo friend and expand their social network. Go for it and I wish you have a great success, count me in. =)

Find him on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaifong.potter

2 representative (Charter Secretary Leo GK-left) and myself with PIP Dr. Tam Being awarded IP Leadership Medal by PIP Dr. Tam Being Awarded Leo of the Year by Council Chairperson Cheng Yik Siong Received the Cert of Leo Club Formation of IPG Kampus Perlis Youth Exchange to Japan - with my first host family Yamauchi

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