Written by Othmar Fetz

How are you? Tell us a little about you!

I’m great, thank you. I’m a 17 year old studying in the last year of my Olevels at Froebels International School.


What’s your LEO Club called and where is it located. Who’s your sponsoring Lions-Club?

My LEO Club’s name is “Islamabad Leo Club”, located at Islamabad, Pakistan. My Sponsoring Lions Club is the “Islamabad Crescent Lions Club


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Tell me a little about your club (size, members, activities, how often you meet etc.)

My Club was formed in 2011. It is the Alpha Leo Club with 30 members currently. We meet monthly to plan the activities and do one activity a month. mostely involved in Advocacy Campigns, health, education and food for all program. Also conduct projects according to Intl. President prgram, DG proram and LEO District President program. i.e. Envoirnment, Cleanliness, tree plantation and reading action program

What’s your personal LEO history (which functions did you have)?

I started as the Charter Secretary of the Club and served the club as Vice President and then President and was declared “Best President of the year 2014-15” by the LEO District and Lions District 305-n2. In the District I served as Vice President 2 and 1, and now i am the District President for the year 2015-16. My Club has been rewarded the Best Leo Club award since 3 consecutive years. Thanks to the grace of Allah and the hard work of my dear members.

When and why did you become a LEO?

Back in 2009-10, I remember attending Lions Club events with my father wondering what it was all about. After attending a couple of events i found out about “Leos” which made me want to become a Leo too. I declared myself as a Leo in 2009-10 in the presence of Lion Naresh Agarwal (Vice International President II) during his visit at the annual dinner of our sponsoring club in 2009.

Have you ever been awarded? Tell us why and when – and about how it was!

During my Presidentship, my club recieved the “Best Leo Club” award from LEO district and Lions districts both, with me recieving “Best President” award (by being presented two shields). In 2014-15, I then got “Best Leo” of the LEO district 305 N2, LCI District 305 N2, then from the Best LEO Multiple District MD 305 (Pakistan) and finally “Best Leo of the World” award. The “Best Leo of the World” was shared by 31 people all over the world. I got a certificate and silver medal for this award with my name encrusted on it. I felt delighted upon recieving all these awards and these encouraged me to do even better! A big thanks to all those who thought i was deserving enough.


What’s your message to other LEOs around the world?

Leos, never forget that our main aim is to help the needy and help them voice their opinions.I must say it can get difficult handling and managing so many events. and members, but stay calm. Do your best and put your all into it. Trust me when i say, your efforts won’t be ignored, If you actually work for the betterment of people and your country, you will not only be at peace with yourself but also help people wake up and encourage them to work with you. My message to all Leos of the world is to “stay calm, increase leos, think big & achieve high”

What was the most heartbreaking moment in your LEO career, which activity or event touched you most?

This one time, Islamabad Leo Club spent sometime with the transgender community and gave them food (iftaar in the month of Ramadan) and Wheelchairs to Transgender with disabilities. We were glad we held the activity, mostly because we got so much to learn – how to enjoy life no matter what, with most of them joking around and making each other laugh, spreading love around even when they were deprived of love from their real families. This touched me the most because, the transgender community in Pakistan are the most neglected people. Discrimination limits employment opportunities, and the transgender minority regularly faces intimidation, humiliation, and abuse. Most describe themselves as professional wedding dancers; But rights activists say their main source of income is from begging or prostitution. It broke my heart when one of them said: ” We are a family, in this field we have mothers. We have gurus. We have uncles and aunts. I’m a daughter, a sister mainly a friend of someone too, so we are no different than you, we even fast in Ramadan, and pray to the same God..”

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Did LEO change your life and why do you think it was a good choice to invest time to LEO?

Yes, definately yes! Being a Leo changed my way of thinking, my way of spending money and my behavior with people. Being a Leo makes you a better person. I realised that there is another world out there, with people who can’t enjoy as much as i can, or those children who hardly get one meal a day. It made me realise how to save money and i experienced the most different feeling of happiness, happiness that came by making others happy. Investing time in Leo-ism was a very good decision, it made me experience and see the world from a whole new sight.

Will you become a Lion after your LEO-time?

Yeah, i am looking forward to it!

Do you know about The LEO Book project and if yes, what do you think about it?

Its a very good project and will aware people about Leos and Lions! Good Luck Othmar!

Imagine, there is an international Cyber Lions Club, which means, a club which is organized and run virtually and focuses on helping LEO Clubs as well as supporting LEOs around the world while they travel (e.g. helping them to get cheep hotels, find other LEOs who can host them etc.) – what do you think about that idea  and would you – theoretically – attend such club after your LEO career?

Yes, it is an amazing initiative to take, will take loads of hard work but hope for the best!
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