Written by Othmar Fetz

359 days until the 100th Lions Clubs International Convention will take place between June 30 and July 4 2017. 359 days left until The LEO Book will be revealed and finally finished. Less than a year to travel to USA, Middle America, South Afrika, South America and some European countries.

Once I heard, the organizers have to reserve a huge amount of hotel rooms something like eight years in advance of such huge event like the LCICon, so I was aware of the fact, that maybe it’ll be hard to find a hotel-room during the LCICon in 2017. I am a huge fan of booking.com and book almost every hotel-room via this platform. But there was another problem the last several weeks: it’s possible to book hotel-rooms only one year ahead, so I had to wait until July to be able to book a room.

July happened and I was shocked to see how booked out Chicago is during the LCICon next year. There are just several places with available rooms. And these rooms are pretty expensive. 1.900€ for 8 nights is not the cheapest choice.

Thanks to my bonuses I could get a nice apartment -65% off, which is really great. We’ll be living in a large 2 bedroom apartment close to Millennium Park in the heart of Chicago. The hotel is called Millennium Park Corporate Apartments (booking.com) and the rooms look really nice. So at least the hotel is set, flights I’ll book a little later.

Will you visit LCICon as well? Where will you stay?

Millennium Park Corporate Apartments

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