Written by Othmar Fetz

How everything began

I joined the LEOs at the end of 2009 and attended an Austrian Convention in Bad Radkersburg (facbook-gallery) in February 2010 where the relationship to the Slovenians has it’s beginning. Everything was so new to me and I met so many great and nice people during this weekend. The ones I remembered most, were the crazy Slovenians.

We stayed in contact for the next several weeks and they invited me to join their own National Convention in Otočec. Because we had such great fun during the weekend in Austria and I was curious how they are organizing such an event, I agreed attending their event.

For me it was the first international LEO exchange and I was really very nervous going there by myself, only knowing a bunch of “strangers”. But believe me, the weekend was a blast and it was legendary! Honestly: I have never ever experienced so much fun, happiness and joy as during these three days with the Slovenian LEOs.

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Since that moment it was clear for me, that Slovenian National Convention is a must to visit – and I joined them almost every year from now. In total I attended five national conventions, several local events and a new years celebration in Slovenia. They are great. Really great and I love all of them so much. So whenever you have a chance to visit Slovenia, get in contact with LEOs there!

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