Written by Othmar Fetz

This question actually is the essence of the whole project. As a documentary photographer I am eager to find out, how LEOs from all around the world organize and execute projects.

It’s overwhelming to see, how different the activities can be: from food donations, over serve coffee in a cafe, organizing a fashion show or washing cars for a good cause. LEOs and their activities are diverse as their cultures, languages or their members. The more I travel and see, the more different activities I’m seeing.

The LEO Book will contain stories and dozen of activities from all around the world and around 50 LEO clubs, so after finishing the book you will see what I have experienced.

I also created a facebook-list with 1.800+ LEO Clubs in there, which means, you will see facebook-posts from all around the world and can get inspired by that: check it out: https://www.facebook.com/lists/10152426222633977

Food donation near Manila
Car-wash in Austria
Halloween at the children-hospital in Esbjerg, Denmark
Donation of sewing machines and time in a women-shelter in Mumbai, India
Tooth brushing near Medan, Indonesia
Cooking for people on the street near Toronto, Canada
Fashion Show in Poznan, Poland
Serving coffee in Bucharest, Romania
Goalball workshop in Budapest, Hungary
Serving at a shelter near Los Angeles, USA

Get even more inspiration!

On 400 pages I show community service of young people, whom I was able to accompany during self-organiced travels to 25 countries between 2014 and 2017.