Written by Othmar Fetz

The last several months were absolutely crazy. I got a hell lot of work and needed to forget about my plans with The LEO Book, which was really sad and hard to accept. But in live one has to make decisions, also when these decisions will bring something negative. Well, in this case I had to cancel or shift several trips. Nevertheless the deadline is coming closer and closer and I am getting under big pressure. I needed to find the best solution for my trips in the remaining time-period.

After struggling for a long time and because of several reasons, I decided to visit three cities in Argentina: Buenos Aires, Salta and Comodoro Rivadavia. My budget for this will be 14 days for this trip and a LEO friend from Salta promised me to take me to some towns in the region to meet more LEO clubs there.

To be honest, it was really a pain in the ass to get in touch with LEO Clubs in South America, especially because of the language barrier – I guess. So because time is rushing, I had to decide and had to book the flights. Unfortunately I heard about your club very late and after I finished my plans.

There is another fact, which makes traveling a little difficult: weekends. Most of the LEO clubs only have time during weekends, which limits the numbers of clubs I am able to visit. Mostly I use the time during the week to travel and or get my work done. I’ll try to re-arrange my flights a bit and could most probably offer you to visit you for two days during the week – if this is possible for you.

Let me know!

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