Written by Othmar Fetz

It’s quite interesting how things are developing, ideas are growing and concepts are changing. I had quite lot of time thinking about this project during christmas-time and while I was working on the LEO punch-stand in Wels. There are several main questions I am trying to solve:

Which LEO clubs should be shown in the book? 

There are around 6.000 clubs with over 160.000 members. This would take me something like 50 years if I travel only 2 days to see a club. Quite crazy imagination. But okay, you get the point: I’ll have to focus on some clubs and pick out the best solutions for me, the best way to represent the variety of LEO clubs. Choosing is always hard and connected to decisions. But to be able to finish my project, I will have to make clear decisions.

So my most recent plan is to get as many contacts to LEO clubs as possible within the next months and then choose something like 10 per continent and visit them. This will be most likely the best way to start and – much important – finish the book.

How to raise money for the project?

Travelling will cost quite lot of money, so I’ll have to raise money for this adventure. My latest idea was to start an indigogo fundraising project and ask for some financial help at regional, national and international LEO- and LIONS-Clubs. What do you think about that? Would you or your club take part in funding the book?

A big part will also be the printing-costs for the book. But okay, there is a long way to go first.

Where and when is the best point to start?

I really have no glue at the moment.

As you can see, I am really struggeling with the very important details of this project. So if you have ideas or anything to say – get in contact with me!

You want your club to be part of this project?

Feel free to fill the application form on my blog!


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