Written by Othmar Fetz

Leo friend Heshani Samarasekara (Secretary of Leo Club of University of Moratuwa) sent me an email and asked to publish that article. I am very glad to share this with you. 

The Christmas Gift

Every small child in this world love to have a great childhood filled with lovely memories. But we all know that some small ones are not lucky enough to have this, especially the ones living in the slum areas. Sometimes they might not even understand why they have to spend their lives like that. Sometimes it might be because of their fate or due to something went wrong in their parents’ lives. But still they are small ones whose minds are like petals of flowers soft and gentle seeking for miracles to happen, to gather some wonder time during their childhood. As Leos it is our responsibility to make an impact in lives of these small ones and make some wonderful memories in their lives. This is what we serve for.

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Karapitiya is one of the busiest towns in the Galle district of Sri Lanka. Despite all the busyness and development going around the town, there are some suffering and rotting slum areas. “Bombe castle waththa” is one of them. According to a survey done by us there are more than 60 children living in that area excluding the infants.
So joining hands with Lion club of Galupura Central we made a successful effort to bring some candle light to their gloomy childhoods for this Christmas, because Christmas is all about giving and sharing.

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Watching a movie in the wide screen while having snacks and receiving gifts at the end of it is just a dream in the worlds of these small ones. So in the eve of 19th December after all the small ones were gathered to a bare land near the slum area with their parents, we showed them the animated movie “The Croods” in a wide screen put up by us. During the intermission we gave a packet of snacks to each and every child and parent. It was heartwarming to see all their smiles and giggles during the movie. At the end we distributed a pack of stationary items as gifts of the day for each and every one. Their smiles were filled with excitement and happiness.

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This special day was ended glamorously, filling the little hearts with wonderful memories. Their smiling faces assured us one thing. Their journey of thousand miles seeking miracles began that day with those smiles and they’ll make their suffering lives to a best-selling story book one day….

Article by – Leo Chamathka Gajanayake (Leo Club of University of Moratuwa)

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