Written by Othmar Fetz

Let me try to explain, what “The LEO Club” is…

Leo Clubs encourage youths to develop leadership qualities by participating in social service activities. They are dependent on a Lions Club to sponsor and initiate a Leo Club. Leo Club members are addressed as “Leos.” They conduct various projects in the fields of health care, elders, children, differently abled[clarification needed], literacy and education, and self-development. Leos can raise funds by conducting fund-raising projects. They can conduct projects with another Leo Club, sponsoring Lions club, or with an outside organization. Leo Clubs are sponsored by Lions clubs and comprise an official program of the Lions clubs international. (source: Wikipedia)

There are over 150.000 LEOs in around the world – that is awesome!

For me, being a LEO is a great thing: meeting people around the world with the same attitude, the same aim and the same thoughts. It’s easy to get in contact with new interesting, openminded and wonderful personalities. Organizing projects to raise money or help other people is a real good thing. Being the president of a LEO Club gives me the chance to explore new ways of dealing with problems, ideas, people and projects.

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Feel free to ask me anything about the LEO Club and what the LEO-life is about! I’d be glad to share information and experiences with you!

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On 400 pages I show community service of young people, whom I was able to accompany during self-organiced travels to 25 countries between 2014 and 2017.