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Biplab Subedi

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During my trip to Nepal I got the chance to finally meet Biplab Subedi in person who took so much care about Karoline and me and literary made every wish come true. We not only became friends, but also business partners. Biplab runs a software company in Nepal and with his team he’s able to perfectly support our team in Austria, Slovak and Ukraine. He’s also in charge of a personal project which is currently under development and will be released soon. These days I found a wonderful text about his attitude among LEOnism and I asked him for permission to publish it.

Three years after he wrote that lines below, Barry Palmer proofed his success as well as that he has choosen the right way:

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Here are his thoughts from 2012

Back in July of 2005, there was a boy standing in one meeting: quiet and wondering about the proceedings. Most of the participants were his friends with whom he talked regularly. Suddenly he was asked to introduce himself and answer why he wished to join the organization. Lots of sentences came inside his mind, but when he starts to open his mouth, unwillingly his ear gone hot, face became red, lips starts shivering and he lost his total control.  The circumstances matched the one while he used to give presentation in university – he frequently wished that a university might have worked out to build confidence of students rather than forcing them in remembering those complex anti-derivative formulas. Likewise he got trapped on that particular day too. This is a true story and the subject person was non other than myself, Leo Biplab Subedi.

I am always thankful to that moment, when I joined this glorious organization “Lions Clubs International”, and added the “Leo” tag before my name. I gained thousands of experiences till now being a LEO, but the most beneficial one has been my shedding of nervousness while I speak in front of hundreds of people. Leo stands for “Leadership Experience Opportunity” and the motto of it is “We Serve”. Leo is a youth project of Lions International aimed to prepare youths for a better humans or better Lions in future. We can achieve uncounted merits after become a Leo and fully experience its charm.

Photo: Karoline Pöhn

Everybody wants to be a happy human being. They are doing their regular activities; students scoring good marks in exams, a young professional doing his job well, an entrepreneurial youth having good profit in his business, but this materialistic world doesn’t allow them to feel the inner contentment. Being a LEO, we can do several social works inside/outside our community and country. Whoever we are, there are certainly some less privileged people than us in this planet. And the satisfaction we fetch after serving /helping them is the pleasure that cannot be expressed in words. Being a Leo, we learn to help others from our small age, and to pour our self with the stream of pure ecstasy which leads towards real glee inevitably.  While I was feeding breakfast to orphans, while I was celebrating my valentine day with relatively very poor children, while I was taking blessings after setting up book library in remote villages, and many other such moments, the flashbacks helps me to gets recharged whenever needed.

The time will come sooner or later, when the present youth have to lead an organization, a bank, a NGO/ INGO, a football team, or who knows maybe a nation too. If they got space to practice management skills from adolescent age, no wonder it would be the great aid for their successful future making them a capable leader anywhere. Being a Leo, we can get the perfect space to experience leadership. I experienced being a president of my Leo club and Region Coordinator of Leo District, where I learned to guide the team from front, to manage club members, to utilize them according to their interests and capacity, to pilot the activities, to interact with board members for fruitful outcome, to make decisions, and many others.

Every youth got some talent in some perspective, but it will go to vain if they cannot bring it to light and sight of appreciators and rectifiers. As it is, in the end, we need friends and good public relations. Being a Leo, we can learn to earn friends and increase fellowship. This aspect takes a very high importance in one’s life. Since the scope of Lionism is spread over whole world, we can make friends from every corner of the earth. The surprising fact what I found is, if two stranger Leos meet with each other for the first time, they treat themselves as they were good friends from long time back. This is like very good costume of the Leos all over. Me and my club did many joint activities in collaboration with other Leo clubs inside/outside the nation and succeeded to make good bonding with them. I have personally made thousands of friends. Every time I am in another city of Nepal rather than Kathmandu, I have never felt alone. The Leos are always there for the help, interaction and co-operate. When I visited Bangalore for my personal work, I received surprisingly warm welcome from Leos and Lions there. Recently I took part in Leo Youth Camp in Chittagong, Bangladesh and was exhilarated by the hospitality of Leos there. We do the same when international Leos visit Nepal.

Lionism is a completely non political organization. We Leos are here to develop our leadership performing social works. Here I listed few boons of becoming a Leo, but there are infinite numbers of visible/invisible advantages if we fully enjoy being a Leo. Youths are like a rising sun, if we practice good things early, our day will become clear and sunny for sure.  Let us join this esteemed social organization and be a better human.

Orignal Post: https://www.facebook.com/notes/biplab-subedi/why-to-be-a-leo/10150619630061707?fref=nf
published on 3rd of April 2012 by Biplab Subedi who allowed me to repost it on my blog.

Header-Image: Karoline Pöhn

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